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  1. ill start off by saying that this is definitely a power bank that most people need whether its for laptop use or to have on standby for those times when you just don’t know, if you might have power. Those other battery banks out there don’t have half the rugged ability as the k2, with an exception to some(the sand blasted oxydation is really awesome) .From the photos you can see how compact this unit is compared to an iPhone 6s and to my goal zero sherpa 50.

    Now lets talk about the options because there are a ton.I have connected the k2 to a HP DV8000 which is the advertised use and works great for that, its worth saying that the HP is a 17 inch screen laptop and the k2 charges and keeps it running at the same time.In addition to HP there are countless other laptops that this battery bank is compatable with, however not with apple laptops.Now physically my macbook pro can be connected to the k2 via a 3rd party cord but this option is not recomended because of the special voltage needs of apple devices.But if you notice i have connected my mac book pro 13 inch to a goal zero sherpa 50 and in return used the sherpa to charge my mac.

    Now lets talk about the modularity of the systems that you can make,my sherpa 50 is a 50 watt hour device with an inverter for 110 volts, that give my options with other devices when I’m out camping in places without power.With the addition of the k2’s 185 watt hours capacity that should give me 235 watts of power together.The k2 has a 20 volt and 12 volt output with 2.5 male plug in addition has 4 usb ports 2 of them have a 2.1A and the other 2 have a 1.0A output.

    This battery pack is truly amazing in every way, if i had to give it one con is the weight but that easily makes up for its true power capacity.In my opinion i highly recommend it!!!!!

  2. To start, I don’t know a lot of about battery banks, so in terms of technical specs and how accurate the product description is, I really can’t say. That being said, all I can say is how convenient this product has made my life ever since I got it.

    First thing to mention that is completely unrelated to the product itself is how amazing Maxoak’s customer service is. I was unfortunately missing a cable from the box, and when I contacted Maxoak, they went above and beyond to make sure that my issue was resolved.

    Now for the product itself and why I got it. I’m a college student that works pretty much every day I’m not in school. Both school and work require the usage of a computer in one way or another. I use a Thinkpad 11e running ubuntu 16.04 currently, and with constant usage, I get around 4-5 hours from it. I’m in school for 9 hours and work 12 hours, so it definitely does not last long enough. And most of the time, power outlets can’t be found, or they are all being used.

    With this battery bank, I no longer have to worry about battery life at all anymore. I don’t have to carry the laptop charger with it’s extremely long wires that serve only one purpose. This battery bank can charge my laptop wherever I am, along with my iphone6, and my kindle tablet at the same time. I have to recharge my battery bank once a week. I recharge my laptop maybe 10 times a week using the battery bank, and my phone around 5 times a week, and the battery bank still has charge left in it.

    The only downside is that it is pretty heavy. It is built very well, and feels very sturdy. Can definitely be used as a self defense weapon if need be and put a strap on it and you could use it as a small shield probably. It comes with a very nice carry case, but annoyingly, it opens from the side, and all the I/O ports are on the top, meaning you have to take out the battery bank from the case to charge something. But that is a very minor inconvenience.

    If you are constantly on the go, and you don’t mind carrying around a little bit of weight for the ease of mind knowing that you will always have power wherever you are, I can not recommend this enough, especially if you use your laptop a lot. However, if all you use is a phone or tablet, and you are always in an area where there are outlets available, maybe this is not the perfect thing for you.

  3. This device is a beast! But what I have to say about it will be trumped by those that have already placed their reviews. What I would like to point out though, is the amount of thoughtfulness in this device. It turns off automatically to save juice, it provides 19.6 hours of charge time for 1 phone. And mind you my phone takes 2 hours to charge completely so that means I can easily get roughly 10 full charges out of this thing. Not only this, but it has shorting protection, I accidentally shorted and overdrew the battery and the device turned off immediately. The only way I was able to get it back and working was by plugging it back into the wall outlet, this seemed to fix the problem. Other than that, I think my only beef with this device, is that it turns off too soon for low draw devices.

    For example, I wanted to hook this up to my speaker and make it portable, however the current was too low of a draw and turned off after 30 seconds.

    All in all, this is a solid piece of tech and does exactly what it’s meant to do.

  4. Awesome product at an unbelievable price BUT….

    Do realize this is larger than the TSA allows and you may or may not get past security. I made it through Ohare, San Diego, Osaka, Tokyo, Bangkok, and Hong kong but it was confiscated in Shenzhen by the Chinese security 🙁 Chinese airport security is super thorough and was like sorry sir, this is too large and took it 🙁

    Natural Selection 2 in Hong Kong airport….don’t judge I am an addict.

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