Top Portable Power Banks To Buy

1) Poweradd 2nd Gen Pilot 2GS 10000mAh Power Bank

Poweradd 2nd Generation 2GS power bank has capacity of 10000 mAh, one micro USB 2A input port and two USB-A output ports (one 2.1A and the other 1.0A). The product is not too bulky (5.4×2.9×0.5 inches) and it weighs only 8.8 ounces.



Company = Power-Add



Poweradd 2GS is very attractive power bank available in several colors (black, grey, silver, red, rose, and golden) with brushed matte finish. On the bottom, you will find one micro USB input port and two USB 2.0 and 3.0 output ports. There is also power button and 4 LED battery status indicators that will show you if you have to recharge your power bank or not.

The power bank is very durable especially because the casing is made from aluminum. It is resistant to short circuit, overloading and low voltage. It can control temperature and it has output current stabilizer and limiter, which makes your device very safe.

It can charge two devices at once and it can charge many smartphones several times depending on their battery capacity. One of the ports is 3.0 port that supports fast charging, but only if you have 3.0 USB cable and device that supports that charging technology.

In case you buy separately 2A wall charger, you will be able to recharge your Poweradd external battery in approximately 5 hours.


The bad thing is that the manufacturer doesn’t send one more USB or at least Lightning charging cable. Carrying bag is also not included in the package.

The adequate wall charger also has to be provided separately, so that would be an extra minus for this product.

It is a bit larger and heavier than you would expect from 10000 mAh external battery, but nothing alarming really.

We also have to warn you that some customers had problems with the charger ‘’refusing’’ to work after several months of use, but the good thing is that Poweradd has great customer service that will send you replacement in no time and that you get 2-year warranty, which is really rare today.




2) Jackery mini Premium 3350mAh Portable Charger

Jackery Mini Premium is one of those backup batteries that you put in your pocket or backpack and don’t think about. It is nothing special really, but it does its job quite well. Its full capacity is 3350 mAh, it is very small (0.9×3.7×0.8 inches) and light (2.7 ounces) and it has one 5V/1.5A micro USB input port and one 5V/1A USB-A output port.




This external battery has smart design. It is a bit larger than a lipstick but it is not completely rounded so it won’t roll over and fall. It’s highly portable and it is available in several colors (black, orange, gold, pink, and silver). On the front side, there is one power button and LED status indicator.

The battery can charge most of the smartphones once or maybe even twice, depending on the phone battery and it takes approximately 2h to fully recharge, which is actually quite good. What we like the most about this product is that the manufacturer doesn’t give you the wrong information about the capacity. It is advertised that you get 3350 mAh and you really do, so that is one thing that is different in comparison to most of the other brands.

It comes with one USB to micro USB short cable, user manual and 18-month warranty. They also have great customer service that will send you replacement if anything unexpected happens.


Truth to be told, this product is far from perfect. There are some customers that have been using it for a year or more, but some of them complained about Power bank being unable to work properly after a short period of time. Sometimes, you can just try to press and hold power button and the battery will start charging your device normally, but sometimes that won’t help.

Also, it won’t survive being thrown or dropped. In spite of the aluminum casing, the USB ports are poorly built and it might happen that they fall apart if you drop the power bank accidentally and that would make it unusable.

In addition, no matter what the manufacturer says, this battery doesn’t offer fast charging feature and in spite of different types of protection from overcharging, overheating, etc., be aware that this power bank does get heated often.




3) EC Technology 22400 mAh Power Bank

EC Technology power bank is very powerful charger that comes at quite affordable price. Its full capacity is 22400 mAh, it is a bit large (6.3×2.9×0.8 inches) and it weighs a whole pound. It has one 5V/2A micro USB input port and 3 USB-A output ports.




The power bank has compact design and it comes in 3 different color combinations (black-red, black-white, black-blue). The case is plastic, but it feels solidly built, just like all of the ports. It has different kinds of protection against overheating, overcharging, etc., and it features smart charging technology. The power button is on the side of the bank and it works nicely. When you press it once, you can see how much power has left (4 LED indicators will show you that) and if you press and hold it, you will activate and change modes of the flashlight located above the middle port.

The power bank has 2A input port and if you have your own 2A wall charger, you will be able to recharge the battery in about 8-9 hours (charging cable is included in the package). The output ports are labeled as iPhone 1A, Samsung 2A, and iPad 2.4A ports. They use AUTO-IC technology that recognizes the type of the device and delivers the most efficient current according to that. It can charge iPad Mini more than twice, while iPhone 6s can be recharged 5-6 times and S7 almost 5 times.


When charging different devices, this power bank can heat a lot and lose a lot of energy. That’s why you will have only about 18000 mAh at your disposal. Also, when you are charging one or two devices at the same time, you can experience faster charging, but if you’re charging 3 devices simultaneously, the maximum output drops to 1A per port as the maximum output amperage is 3.1A.




4) Poweradd Slim 2 5000mAh Ultra-compact Power Bank

Poweradd Slim2 is a nice backup external battery with amazingly low price. It comes with 5000 mAh capacity, one 2A micro USB input, and one 2.1A USB-A output port. It is very small (3.9×1.2×1.3 inches) and very light (4.1 ounces).




Slim2 is nicely designed compact power bank available in many attractive colors (black, green, blue, red and pink). It is entirely made from plastic, but it is quite durable and has all kinds of protection that keep the charger and your device safe from damaging.

On the front side, you will see small power button. If you press it, 4 LED status indicators will show you how much juice is left there. Next to the indicators, there are input and output ports. They are 2A ports, which means you will be able to charge your device and the power bank itself faster in case you have all the necessary equipment. The power bank can be recharged in less than 3 hours if you have 2A wall socket. The output port recognizes the type of the device you want to charge and sends to it maximum supported current for faster charging.


From the advertised 5000 mAh, you will get approximately 3700 mAh. You will still be able to charge most of the smartphones once and partially some tablets, but it would be better if there was more juice at your disposal.

Although this power bank seems well built, many customers had durability-related issues. The bank would simply just stop working. However, Poweradd has great customer service and 24-month warranty that will enable you to get the replacement for the broken or faulty product.

In addition, we have to warn you that Lightning charging cable is not included in the package and has to be bought separately.



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